About Deveraux & Kristie

About Pastor Deveraux Hubbard

Deveraux R. Hubbard is the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church in Peoria, Illinois. An ordained minister for more than 20 years, Pastor Hubbard actively exhibits a heart to serve God and His people. Following the passing of his eldest son in 2013; Pastor Hubbard was compelled to use his personal tragedy as an opportunity to aid to the people of God on an even deeper level. Through inspiration, consecration, and congregational support; he birthed workshops, sermons, songs and an in depth experience called Deveraux Hubbard “Unplugged”.  All of these efforts were to help others cope with grief and learn how to continue their lives after heartbreak from death and/or disappointment. While standing alongside his children and wife at the memorial service for his son,  Deveraux looked into the congregation and stated, “We’re not this strong, it’s all God.” It is the same spirit of humility that motivates Pastor Deveraux to help others through their losses.

Pastor Deveraux had his humble beginning in East St. Louis, IL.  He is a fourth generation pastor who can’t remember not singing and directing the choir as early as 8 years of old.  His passion for music grew while attending Lincoln High School, where he was active in their award-winning choir.  Deveraux completed degrees at Bradley University and Lincoln Christian Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity degree.  He has an abiding commitment to advancing the Kingdom, beyond the local church.  He is committed to serving Christ through local, national and international ministries.  He has had the privilege and the honor of ministering through workshops, preaching, teaching and singing at various churches and community events in Illinois, various parts of the United States, Brazil, Jamaica, Tanzania and Malawi.

Pastor Deveraux’s life goal is to serve God and his generation by modeling and discipling a generation that will authentically live for Jesus in every arena of life.

About Kristie Hubbard

Kristie Hubbard worked in Peoria Public School District #150 for over 14 years as a teacher and administrator.  Currently, she volunteers at several public schools and works as an Educational Consultant for the Peoria Regional Office of Education.  She desires to transform the lives of young people in the community by demonstrating God’s love for them.  In addition to her gift of working with youth and children, Kristie serves as a motivational speaker to various groups and organizations across the State of Illinois about issues affecting women, youth, children, families and education.

Kristie currently works as the Family Life Director at St. Paul Baptist Church. The church is located in the center Peoria and reaches families and youth from a variety of backgrounds.  In this role, Kristie connects with young people and their families to provide guidance, training, and support on a variety of issues and challenges.  She has also worked to develop the Pier, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life in an effort to make Peoria a better place to live and work.

Kristie employs her education, training and experiences to speak to youth, community groups and other educators about a number of topics including; helping kids reach their personal and academic goals, building healthy family habits, creating nurturing environments in homes and in the community, and maintaining mental, emotional and physical health in all circumstances.  She also serves as the Vice-President and Education Director for the DH2 Foundation.

Kristie’s life goal is to have a positive impact on the community through her work with youth and children, as well as those who serve them.

II’s Story

Deveraux Hubbard II, known to his friends and family simply as “Two”, was the eldest son of Pastor Deveraux and Kristie Hubbard. A humble pillar in his community, Two was an accomplished football player, Eagle Scout of Boy Scout Troop 219, lifeguard and a 2012 graduate of Richwoods High School in Peoria, Illinois. While home for winter break from his sophomore year at Southern Illinois University–Carbondale, Two began to exhibit flu like symptoms. As the symptoms worsened, his parents made the decision to rush him to the hospital for additional medical care. Unfortunately, he never made it. Two passed en route on December 16, 2013 from a pulmonary embolism, caused by a blood clot.

Since his passing, the Hubbard family and the local community have banded together to raise awareness about blood clots and clotting disorders that lead to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolisms. Creating the Deveraux Hubbard II Foundation (DH2) in his honor, it is the mission of the nonprofit organization to “raise blood clot awareness 2 steps at a time.”

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart…

Deveraux and Kristie are blessed to have two other biological children, Drew Renee’ and Dawson Rogest.  They are also blessed to have embraced 21 children between the ages of 38 and 4 years old as members of their family.