The Unwelcome Guest of Despair

Today’s Reading: Lamentations 3

Read Lamentations 3.  Despair is the complete loss or absence of hope.  After all that this individual has seen, despair visits. “He has besieged and surrounded me with anguish and distress.  He has buried me in a dark place like those long dead” (v. 5-6).  “I cry out, ‘My hope is gone! Everything I had hoped for from the LORD is lost!'” (v. 18).

Have you ever been in such a low place that it seemed as though your cries to God were unanswered?  If so, you are not alone. Remember:  “The Lord will not reject his people forever.  Although he brings sorrow, he also has mercy and great love.  He does not like to punish people or make them sad” (v. 31-33).

Spiritual Nugget:  Both good and bad things come by the command of the Most High God. v. 38