Today’s Reading:  Lamentations 1:1-22

Breaking news.  Jerusalem has fallen.  Imagine v. 1-11 being told by a reporter who has just made it to the scene of this tragedy. The reporter provides the information of what they see and reflects upon the sadness of the scene.  Then v. 12-22 the reporter interviews a person who was there when it all happened.  Imagine that this person explains the how, the why, and the what, of the incident.  The scene is unimaginable.  The despair and devastation are beyond comprehension.  The only response is lamenting.  A lament is a passionate expression of grief and sorrow.

There are times in our lives when it is appropriate for us to lament.  The citizens of Jerusalem knew that their devastation was a result of their rebellion against God.  Yet, they lamented and cried out to God.  There are times when we, like Jerusalem, bring problems on ourselves because of our choices.  There are times in life when others bring problems into our lives because of their choices.  There are times when troubles come without forewarning or explanation.  During these times, our response should be the same.  Turn to God.  Turn to God for hope and help.  Turn to God for comfort and strength.  Turn to God for guidance and wisdom.  We turn to God because we believe that no matter what is occurring, or has occurred; God is in control. There is nothing that we experience personally, locally, nationally or globally that is not under the control of God.  We lament and we turn to God for help.

Spiritual Nugget:  God is in control of the good and the bad that enters our lives.